Crescent Plaster Trap

C350100 Plaster Trap

  1. Use 11/2" piping, either port in/out.
  2. Make sure the flat spot on the seam of the liner rests on the lip of the canister. Lightly lubricate the liner where it meets the lid gasket with petroleum jelly.
  3. Assemble the trap. Tighten wing nuts by hand. To avoid damage to canister, do not tighten with pliers or wrench.
  4. Set the trap under the sink, placing it on a small piece of 2x4" board. This board ensures having the proper distance required to drop the canister for cleaning. It also adds support to the plumbing.
  5. Plumb from sink to trap to wall drain according to local codes.


Odors emanating from plaster trap.
The liner needs to be changed. To change the liner: Cut the red hose sticking out of the front of the canister, and drain the excess liquid into an empty coffee can or other receptacle. Remove the 2x4 under the canister to gain the necessary clearance. Then unscrew the 4 J-bolts (by hand only) to lower the canister. Remove the liner. Insert a new liner with red hose coming out of hole in the canister. Pull flaps of liner over canister. Rub petroleum jelly along the rim for a better seal. Tighten J-bolts by hand, and replace the board underneath .

Recommended Replacement: 2-4 months for regular use, 1-2 months for heavy use. If it smells you've waited too long.

The bag doesn't fit. It may not be a Crescent bag. Ours is white vinyl with a red hose. Clear bags are Schein brand and won't fit a Crescent trap. Crescent traps have a round hole; traps with oval holes are not Crescent.

Leaking or separating gasket The gasket is 1/4" thick with adhesive backing. Very seldom does it need to be changed. However, the water in a full bag could loosen the gasket's adhesive. If this happens, the gasket should be replaced when changing the liner. Use replacement gasket C030815.