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The perfect answer to your increasing need for duplicate radiographs - now with all-digital controls! Rinn Slimline offer:
  • Easy to use, easy to read digital controls
  • Built-in safelight for easy positioning in darkroom
  • "Instant-on" ballast for accurate exposure control, with a presettable timer
  • Chemical-resistant polyethylene housing to protect your equipment

Slimline Duplicator
Compact and economical duplicator capable of handling film up to panoramic sizes.

Dimensions: 7.5 x 18.75 x 8.375" (191 x 476 x 213 mm)
Duplicating area: 5.875 x 12.625" (149 x 321mm)
Item No. Description
72-1212 Slimline Duplicator (110v/60Hz, .36 amps)
Replacement Parts
72-3201 Safelight (Viewing) Lamp, package of 2
00-3203 8 watt Ultraviolet Lamp (Duplicating)
00-3148 Starter
00-3976 Frosted Diffuser
00-3975 Platen Glass
00-3861 Pressure Pad

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